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Candid chat with Singer Rituraj Tiwary

I admire A R Rahman: Singer Rituraj Tiwary

Aspiring singer, Rituraj Tiwary, who has struggled to reach this level in life, admires A R Rahman.

“I really admire AR Rahman sir. He has been an inspiration to many, including me. I would really want to achieve that position in my life,” says Rituraj.

Talking about his struggler days, he shares, “I belong to Jharkhand. I used to sing the prayers in my school, and soon I got great compliments from friends and teachers. I decided to become a singer but my family was not supportive. They wanted me to focus on my education. I completed my studies and came to Mumbai. I just had 1800 Rs with me and used to sing in clubs to make a bit of money.”

He further adds, “I had to struggle to reach this stage. I sang the title track of the short film, Ruhaani. I was also part of The Live 100 Experience on India’s Got Talent. We also won the first runner up in 2018.”

When asked about his playback singing, he avers, ‘I want to start playback singing within the span of 1-2 years. I would like to sing playback for Shah Rukh Khan.”

Lastly, he ends, “I have recently started my own YouTube page. I am looking forward to making it a great success by keeping it updated for my followers.”

Good luck, Rituraj!

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