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Here we are to tell you why Atul Khattri is one of the best Stand Up Comedians.

Atul Khatri: One of the best Indian Stand-Up Comedians

Atul Khatri one of the eldest Comedian in this industry is well known for his stand up related to real-life issues. He started his career as an engineer and further also got a degree in management studies. Well just like all of us he wanted to do something different in his life a had the guts to do it. He gave up his job and started doing shows and also posted videos and funny jokes on social media. Later he got recognition for all his work and progressed in this field.

He later along with few other comedians found one of the most popular comedy company east India Comedy (EIC). After that, he started working with them and was also a part of their podcast or regular sketch. EIC has done many celebrity interviews which were more of a roast. But later in recent years, he left this company in order to focus on his stand up career.

Atul Khatri’s stand up on Justin Bieber is one hour of pure comedy. He also does stand up on topics which are common and know to the middle class. He did a stand up where he described how Indian middle-class people act when they are abroad and how they manage their expenses there. Well, we could all relate very well to it. He also does a review sessions on Instagram where he talks about some serious issues like global warming or any social topic. He has also done a review on the series game of thrones. He spoke about all the episodes of season 8 in it.

He also does a lot of programs about social awareness. His sister is a social worker and along with her he arranges many seminars and talks about serious issues troubling today’s world. He not only does shows in India but has performed internationally also. He performs in most of the state of India and all of his shows are almost house full. You should surely experience his live show once in a lifetime.

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