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Sorabh Pant one of the best stand up Comedian in India. This 31-year Comedian was named among top 10 comedians by The Times of India. He performs in various cities and most of the shows are always houseful.

The best of Sourabh Pant that will leave you in hysterics

His jokes are something that you and I can totally relate to. He is married to the writer Avg bag. He started off as a writer on tv but later came into the comedy world. The very famous East India Company EIC was founded by Pant. Later some of the best comedies joined in like Japan Verma, Kunal Rao, Sahil Shah, etc.

Pant also does some international shows and is liked by the audience too. The way he tells a joke is also one of the reasons he makes us laugh. Most of his jokes take a shot at some communities and also involves sex jokes. He sometimes conveys strong messages through his performances. The content is described as over the top or manic. He has done more than many shows in India. He has also appeared in some of the videos on EIC. He has done many podcasts with EIC and also Been a part of some celebrity interviews. The also conducted the concept of the Ghanta award once as a fun way to roast some movies and celebrities as well. He also likes to talk about politics and make pubs out of it.

Sourabh Pant is one of India’s leading comedians, the kind to expend the last drop of energy and Glucon-D to make you laugh. EIC is India’s busiest comedy company, which has racked up 115 million YouTube views with shows like EIC Outrage and EIC vs Bollywood. He has written 3 books the Wednesday soul, Pawan: the flying Accountant and under Delhi. The Wednesday soul is a fictional funny story about life after death. His sketches include topics like modern music, the show game of thrones, demonetization and many more

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