Read to know why Blackpink’s Jisoo went viral

BLACKPINK’s JISOO Went Viral for This Reason!

Kim Ji-soo also is known as Jisoo is a South Korean vocalist and entertainer. She made her first hit in August 2016 as an individual from the band Blackpink under YG Entertainment.

In Gallup Korea’s yearly music survey for 2018, Jisoo became the tenth most mainstream symbol in South Korea. In April 2019, she was the tenth most followed K-pop artist on Instagram, with 12.8 million adherents. Jisoo was remembered for ranking as the main ten celebrities and influencers for the initial five months of 2020.

Also, with all that, it is clear that how Jisoo figured out how to grab all the attention towards her, consistently. Also, starting at 2020, she became viral. In June 2020, Jisoo became a web sensation for her look for Blackpink’s single “How You Like That”. Several celebrities recreated her “Two-bow hairstyle” and makeup look. Eventually, it became a trend in other social media platforms and inspired several others to recreate the look as well, and it’s yet on the trend!

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