Lisa, a member of Blackpink, is a global phenomenon known for her powerful voice in the K-pop industry. Aside from that, she is an active social media user. Lisa shares updates related to her upcoming work, fashion, and more, and her Instagram is proof. Recently, Lisa shared a video of herself showcasing her dance moves. Check out the video below!

Blackpink Lisa’s Dance Moves-

Taking to Instagram story, The K-pop singer Lisa creates buzz with her latest fashion appearance in her recent post. She looks appealing in a plain white round crop top with a round neckline, statement half sleeves, and a fitted bust, which showcases the toned midriff and pairs with white loose Korean pants and a grey sweatshirt tied on the waist. The singer pairs her look with a blue hat and white sneakers, which perfectly match her style.

View Instagram Post 1: BLACKPINK's Lisa Makes Waves With Her Dance Moves In New TikTok Video On Instagram

Lisa continues to rock her striking fashion with the attractive wavy open short-length hairstyle, beautifully enhancing her style element. With peach lips, she completes her glam. Lisa’s look is too fiery to handle. In the video, Blackpink Lisa flaunts her stunning and killer dance moves on a Rockstar song as she performs for the TikTok video and posts it on Instagram.

Blackpink Lisa’s latest TikTok dance video on Instagram is a must-watch. It not only showcases her extraordinary talent but also solidifies her position as a top-tier performer. Don’t miss out on this captivating display of Lisa’s skills!

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