No YouTube fan in India could possibly not be familiar with CarryMinati, popularly known as Ajey Nagar. This young kid has proven that nothing is impossible by capturing the hearts of over 30 million users and making YouTube a worldwide phenomenon. A well-known Indian YouTuber named CarryMinati makes funny roast and rant videos.

You just need to keep working and be yourself. He thinks that success comes to those who are true to themselves and never try to imitate others. There is one thing you need to do, despite the fact that it may seem like the easiest and most straightforward task.

Only honest self-reflection can help you realize who you are, not pressure or schooling. This YouTuber who dropped out of school is a living example of the importance of being authentic.

Life Story

On June 12, 1999, Ajey Nagar, better known by her stage name CarryMinati, was born in Faridabad, India. Before quitting school in 2016, he attended Delhi Public School (DPS). He skipped his board exams out of concern that he wouldn’t even pass his economics test. His parents were already moved by his commitment and passion for his work, so they gave him permission to follow his dream.

First Steps in YouTube

He initially made gaming videos but quickly decided to switch to more worthwhile material. He was successful with his channel CarryDeol and was also able to interact with the viewers. The Counter-Strike community appreciated his work a lot.

On to Roasting

Ajey Nagar, a restless teenage male, lacked the patience to continue acting in this way. He then realized he had a talent for roasting and responding in the right way. He has continued doing that ever since until the present. In actuality, roasting is what has shaped the person he is today.

The Story Behind the Name

Prior to switching to roasting, he was known as CarryDeol; today, he goes by CarryMinati. Many people assume that the name has a significant backstory, but he claims that it was simply chosen because he thought it was cool.


He was one of the Top 10 Next Generation Leaders by Times Magazine. Today he has a silver, gold, and diamond button for his channel. His YouTube family has over 30 million subscribers which is an unimaginable achievement for many. He met American actor Tom Cruise in one of his videos to promote the latest installment of the Mission: Impossible series.

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Source – failurebeforesuccess