The gaming business has been rapidly growing in India, giving many people the opportunity to follow their passion for gaming and succeed. YouTubers are the clearest example of this, as evidenced by the vast number of Indian gamers such as Live Insaan, Ajju Bhai, Ajey Nagar, and Raj Verma who have accrued millions of fans.

Live Insaan (7M subscribers)

The person who started Insaan is Nischay Malha.

He is a well-known Internet YouTuber.

He produces YouTube videos and has 6 million subscribers.

His voice is fantastic, and the listeners adore it.

He was born on November 14, 1995, and is 25 years old. Triggered insaan is a really attractive 5 Foot 11 Inch man. He makes a respectable living through his Instagram and YouTube accounts.

He is a really talented actor who produces excellent videos for all social media sites.

Additionally, he runs the gaming channel Live Insaan. At IIITD, Nischay received his engineering degree in ECE.

The “Bitch Lasagna” diss track on T-Series caused him to cease being a fan of PewDiePie.

Nischay has also responded to the idiotic hacks displayed by Troom Troom India and 5-Minute Crafts.

Ajey was born in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad. He received his schooling at an unidentified institution, where he also did a diploma course before dropping out. Despite having the most subscribers of any gaming YouTuber in India, he works as a software engineer, freelancer, and “growth hacker” and is thought to be based in Surat, Gujarat. He is a multilingual programmer who is proficient in JavaScript and PHP.

He took the moniker and is best known by it in-game under the alias AjjuBhai94, which was inspired by the film “Welcome Back”.

The Free Fire ID for Total Gaming is 451012596, and his in-game alias is ajjubhai94.

Ajey was a decent student who chose to major in science during his final two years of high school.

Ajey Nagar, better known by his stage name CarryMinati, is a Faridabad native who excels at satirical parodies, comedic sketches, and commentary in Hindi. The YouTuber is one of the most famous and well-known YouTube personalities with over 31.4 million subscribers.

When he was barely 10 years old, he started watching YouTube. CarryMinati is a professional gamer, and he currently uses his channel to display videos of him playing video games.

CarryMinati never used to perform for the camera in the past. His channel’s name changed from AddictedA1 to CarryDeol and finally CarryMinati over time.

He currently holds five YouTube Creator Awards.

Raj Varma is a well-known gamer, YouTuber, and eSports competitor who goes by the name Snax Gaming. He is well-known and gifted in the gaming sector. He was conceived on December 6, 1999. 22 is the player’s age. His hometown is Hyderabad. He is a fitness freak who is tall and fair. His education was completed in Hyderabad, where he studied.

He is the most physically fit esports player in India and a gym obsessive.

His DP-28 Brust photos are well renowned.

He prefers the M416 and DP-28 as weapons.

He uses a five-finger claw.

585127130 is his BGMI Mobile ID number.

On Instagram, he has more than 686k followers.

Source: Aflence, Sportskeeda