Kanan Gill is the king of comedy and his stand-up comedy is rife with jokes, observations and situations which he makes entertaining even while keeping it real!

Comic King Kanan Gill best moments will have you in splits

Kanan Gill is a comedian like no other, who believes that Comedy is best enjoyed by not looking at the subtitles. His claim to fame was with his YouTube series, Pretentious Movie Reviews, where he used to review the flawed yesteryear movies of Bollywood alongside fellow stand-up comedian, Biswa Kalyan Rath.

Comic King Kanan Gill best moments will have you in splits 1

Here are some of comedy king Kanan Gill’s rib-tickling stand-up comedy videos that will have you in splits in no time:

1. Keep It Real

Kanan Gill’s stand-up special on Amazon Prime is a complete laughter riot. In this one-hour comedy special Kanan squints at a variety of topics like difficulty in talking to your parents, explaining gadgets to your parents, relationships, traps and blackheads, driving school and cows, discussing India’s constitution, and many more relatable topics that he has spun around comically. While it is easy to make it funny, Kanan Gill keeps it real.

One of the equations he described between the couples was relatable and all too funny:
Loves to travel + hates to travel = Travels sometimes angrily!

2. Kanan Gill- How Insensitive – season 1

How Insensitive covers a wide range of topics from ‘why your cab still hasn’t arrived’ to ‘how start-ups’ get funded and this series of bizarre, irreverent and more often than not, irrelevant comedy sketches push the envelope of comedy off a mountain cliff, and we have been thoroughly enjoying this series to the core.

3. The break-up – Sketchy Behaviour, Kanan Gill and Kenny Sebastian

Kenny as the girlfriend who is breaking up, after every sneeze from Kanan, the boyfriend, just because ‘it’s hard okay’, is a rib-tickling sketch that had the audience in splits from the minute it begun, and we think this is one of their finest works together.

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