In conversation with internet sensation Ssumier Pasricha aka Pammi Aunty

Content of any show is the key to success: Ssumier Pasricha

She’s witty and has her view point on all things. Well, we are talking about Pammi Aunty and the man behind the internet sensation is none other than Ssumier Pasricha.

He became the talk of the town ever since he splashed into the world of viral videos and took the medium by storm as boisterous, blasphemous, obnoxious yet uncannily magnetic & intriguing Pammi.

The idea of Pammi Aunty hit him while exploring Snapchat, the app, with his nephew. He came across a filter that he really liked. The Snapchat filter, combined with his knowledge of growing up in a Punjabi household, gave him the idea of the famous Pammi Aunty. Ssumier’s videos went viral once he started posting them and rest is history.

“If people from within and outside the industry acknowledge your hard work then it satisfies you. I am happy that I was accepted and appreciated by the audience. I want to thank god for everything,” says Ssumier to Indianwikimedia.

So does he feel cross-dressing garners more attention? Ssumier avers: “It is the content that works. You can be anything but if your content doesn’t have the power then it won’t be able to survive. I truly believe that whatever you give to the audience should be interesting.”

Couldn’t agree more!

I am happy that I was accepted and appreciated by the audience. I want to thank god for everything

When we ask Ssumier how much time he takes to get ready as Pammi Aunty, he quips, “5 minutes.”


He continues, “It’s just the face pack and a towel. I don’t dress up like a woman and just take a dupatta, so it doesn’t take much of my time.”

He is popular and an inspiration for many, but who does he idolize in real life? “, “I like Charlie Chaplin. I  also like Sunil Grover a lot, he is really talented and I like his work.”

We agree with you Ssumier….

Lastly, any plans to return to the small screen pace (he was part of Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka) “So far, have not planned anything. However, if anything interesting comes up I will surely pick it up. Be it a movie or a show.”

Good luck Ssumier.

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