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I have been cooking a lot during Coronavirus lockdown: Krishna Mukherjee

The beautiful and talented Krishna Mukherjee, last seen in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, is still in Delhi due to the on-going coronavirus lockdown. IWMBuzz spoke to this bong girl originally from Ludhiana about the overall impact of this killer disease and how it affects her daily life. read on:

How is Coronavirus time treating you?

Very bad, I had come to NCR for an event and had to stay back due when the situation turned grave. Luckily my married sister lives here, so I have a home away from home. Ever since the lockdown, you can’t step out. Also, with maids not allowed in, you have to do all the cooking and cleaning yourself. All this sweeping and mopping has helped me shed a few kilos. The biggest challenge is that being an OCD, I like the kitchen very clean when I cook, so I have banished my sister out of her heart (smiles). I have always been a good cook and keep scouring the WWW for newer cuisines and recipes.

How do you pass the time??

Don’t ask, I am on Instagram 24*7 checking out the latest post and videos of all my friends. I have also started to make Tiktok video, which not only keeps my fans entertained but also tests my acting skills. We also check out the latest series on Netflix and Amazon

What about exercise?

Apart from my home daily regime, I step out at night and climb at least a thousand steps in our society when no one is around.

Are you in touch with your Yeh Hai Mohabbatein crowd?

Very much. Additi Bhatia is in LA (Los Angeles ), while Shirin is in the Pink City (Jaipur). We regularly video chat. Today’s latest app also permits group video chat, so we have full dhamal (fun) sitting in the comforts of our home.

How is tellywood coping with the lockdown?

I don’t know how shooting is still on. For if banks are exhausted, how come newer episodes are yet telecast?

Will things get better?

I sure hope but for we need to get real. Did Modiji thali thoko initiative not turn into a procession?, defeating the very purpose of social distancing. We all need to pray, lest India slips into the community transmission phase.

What’s next on the work front?

I am looking at more daily soaps. Web shows a strict no-no for excessive bold is off-limits. Casting guys ask what is the fuss as it is normal, my reply is that yes, it might be the norm for you, unlike me.

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