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Vivaan Shah who plays one of the six central characters in the MX Player series Only For Singles gets into a conversation.

My dream of becoming a graphic novelist came true with the series Only For Singles: Vivaan Shah

Vivaan Shah who has featured in the movies 7 Khoon Maaf, Happy New Year, Bombay Velvet etc is happy to have associated with the best of people in his latest web release on MX Player, Only For Singles, produced by Sudhir Sharma’s banner Sunshine Productions.

Only For Singles is an urban drama that traces the essence of singles in a new city. It has Vivaan Shah, Pooja Banerjee, Aman Uppal, Deepti Sati, Shirin Sewani, Gulshan Nain playing key roles.

Says Vivaan, “Shooting for Only For Singles was a great experience indeed. We shot with a good bunch of people and a great cast. Working with Director Samar Sheikh was a great experience. He handled our scenes so well. He is such an articulate director that I got to learn a lot from him.”

“The cast on the series was very good. We became great friends in quick time. Every person in the cast has given splendid performances. The six of us gelled so well that it felt that we were literally living together on the set. In fact, when we were shooting for the series we had a tough time shooting amidst rains. The last year’s monsoon had set in and we had to literally go through an adventure to reach the set and shoot. It was tough shooting for the series, but it was real fun at the same time,” he adds.

Talking about the USP of the series, Vivaan avers, “The concept will be liked by today’s generation. The youngsters and millenials, college students and young professionals living by themselves will love it. When you start living independently, that is when you get to face various challenges that make you an adult. This series is all about the trials that youngsters face.” 

Vivaan relates quite a lot to his character Micke who is a comic book artist in the series. “I wanted to actually become a graphic novelist, but could not do so. And when I got to play the same onscreen, I simply loved the experience. I could relate a lot with the character.”

Talking about friendship, Vivaan shares a great level of camaraderie with all the youngsters in the cast. “Though I gel well with all, I personally share a great bond with Gulshan Nain. Personally, I liked his portrayal the best in the series.”

Vivaan’s next release will be the feature film Coat with Sanjay Mishra. “The story is about a Dalit boy who aspires to put on a coat which they cannot afford to. He then starts his own handcraft business and not only fulfils his dream, but also the dream of many others. It also has a love story of a lower caste boy with an upper aste girl.”

Vivaan best of luck for Only For Singles!!

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