Even if I do less work, it is important for me to do good work – Shantanu B.

Actor Shantanu B who is presently busy juggling between his big screen and web opportunities gets into a conversation.

Even if I do less work, it is important for me to do good work – Shantanu B.

Versatile actor Shantanu B. who has had a vast 15 years experience in theatre is presently focussing on the big screen and on the work available in the web space.

The actor was recently part of the movie Baa Baaa Blacksheep which was a social comic thriller.

Shantanu’s leading plays include Honeymoon, Seagull, Rashoman, Thank You Mr. Glad and many more. He started his stint on TV years back with Sai Paranjpe’s Hum Panchi Ek Dhaal Ke and went on to be part of many shows on the small screen.

He recently gained fame with his portrayals on the web space, in shows ALTBalaji’s Cyber Squad and Amazon Prime’s Laakhon Mein Ek. He will be part of Farhan Akhtar’s upcoming series, Mirzapur.

Says Shantanu in a conversation with IWMBuzz.com, “I have done quite a lot of work on theatre. In fact, I was one actor who devoted all the time and energy for 15 long years into theatre. To work in theatre, one needs to have honesty, time, dedication, devotion and I gave it all for 15 years. But now I have decided to focus only on movies. Of course the digital platform is a welcome change. While I have loads to talk about my accomplishments in theatre, I am still a kid learning to walk, when it comes to the digital platform.”

Shantanu is keen on doing good work with good directors. “Even if I do less work, it is important that I do good work,” says the actor who was recently seen in the movies Raees and Mom.

The actor who wants to focus on movies now is a bit upset with the way the system works these days. “There is a big gap nowadays between the actor and the director and that has come in the form of the casting director. I do not understand the logistics with what the casting guys work. They don’t know the right way to talk to actors too. Being part of the system, we need to adjust and accept it. But the fact is that not many of the casting guys know their job clearly.”

Shantanu will be seen along with Prachi Desai in the upcoming film Kosha.

“There are talks happening for few projects. But till the time they go on floor there is no point talking about them,”, he states about his future films.

Best of luck, Shantanu!!


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