Faisu completes 20 million followers on the video-sharing app, TikTok

Faisu hits 20 million followers on TikTok

If you are social media savvy, then you must definitely have heard of the famous social media platform that created quite a stir recently. TikTok has gained immense traction in the past few years and the millennial generation is totally digging all the new stars that are arising on the platform.

Faisu is one of the most famous celebrities on the video-sharing app, TikTok, and his short videos have his fans all excited to add them to their watch list and follow this superstar.

Also, his new music video, ‘Tere Bin Kive’, is out and has received a lot of love from all over the world.

Today Faisu completed his 20 million subscribers on TikTok, which Is indeed a great achievement for him.

Congratulations on reaching this milestone, Faisu!

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