Faisu’s dressing sense is just as much of a defining quality about him as his wacky hairdo. Here are some examples.

Faisu looks flawless in suits, here’s proof

Faisu’s ability to grab the attention of the people, be it with his looks or his dancing abilities or the quirky videos that he uploads, is second to none. But, what many of us may be wondering is, where did the name “Faisu” originate from? How did he make his way into the lives of so many people, entertaining and fascinating them. The truth is, “Faisu”, the-man-of-many-talents, is no different from you and me. Before he turned into the personality that he is, he lived right here in Mumbai. He completed his school education from the IES New English School in Bandra. And, his further education came from the honorable Rizvi College of Art, Commerce & Science. He has since made the decision of kick-starting a career in acting, blogging and other penchants that he had. Ever since he has gained popularity on TikTok, he has become a very well recognised social media influencer.

Another important industry he stepped into was the fashion industry. With his amazing hairstyles and his incredible personality, Faisu has conquered almost every peak. Speaking of which, Faisu has now also bossed looking handsome in a suit. Something many were skeptical about.

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