Faisal Sheikh, aka Mr Faisu, is winning all the girls, check out why

Faisu: The man Every Girl is blushing over

Is it any wonder that girls are dying for Faisu? He is indeed the most handsome hunk in the community. He has a spectacular magnetism that is churning out the fast pulses! Faisu has grabbed a huge chunk in the industry in a very short time and has been acknowledged nationwide.

We should definitely learn his majestic impressions and charm and how he handles it.

He is a TikTok star, fashion blogger and a model and has around 20million followers on TikTok and 10.5million on Instagram. His increasing admirers are hitting the peak already!

Faisal is vigorously active on social media and his constant urge to connect to his fans has made him so popular. Besides he is tremendously health-conscious, he hits the gym regularly; those biceps are sure to die for and it is no secret that girls love broad chests! But with all the fame he has immense respect and love for family and tradition.

He is committed to what he does and what he believes in!

We wish him more success!

Here are some lined up images of Faisu that would make you crave for one large scoop of ice cream!!

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