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Check to see Faisu ‘s sexy moment on Instagram

Faisu’s Sexy Moment On Instagram

Mr Faisu is the Internet sensation with over 14M adherents on Instagram, which is even bigger than some of what our Bollywood stars own. Only two years back he used to dally around to bait the customers into the shops and procure Rs 50 every day, and now he is one of the most popular hotshots of the nation. Everyone knows who Mr Faisu is and cherish his grand content online.

The ordinary Bandra guy, who used to be just like you and me, is now conquering the whole world with his fashion updos, creative mind and innovations. He is the prime member of the famous TikTok group Team07, the individuals from the group are equally talented as Mr Faisu. They have kept us entertained with their grand TikTok videos all the time. Faisu once said, “I used to create good content on Dubsmash which was a lot of fun.” He then graduated to Musical.ly. “We aced it. If others made five to six videos, we would make 14 or 15 every day,” he said.

Yet, with the ongoing TikTok boycott we are missing him profoundly on the stage. But with the rise of Instagram reels, we are all happy to follow his videos there too. Along with that, we can’t miss his hottest moments on Instagram! We have lined up some, check out!


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One day , I want to honestly say , ‘’ I made it ’’ . #keepgoing #keepmotivating #faisusquad #kbye

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