Dhruv Sehgal the popular actor has been in the limelight for the successful new season of Little Things, the Dice Media series.

Now Dhruv is seen in the Dice Media series Brochara which revolves around four ordinary men in a rather extraordinary situation, of being in long-distance relationships.

The series has Dhruv Sehgal, Amey Wagh, Varun Tewari and Sayandeep Sengupta in the central roles.

As for Dhruv, he plays a very drastically contrasting character in Brochara when compared to Little Things.

Says Dhruv, “The reason why I took Brochara was that it was very different. I have never acted in a show which has so many friends and characters. So I personally wanted to know about the energy that I could bring to my character.”

Talking about his character in Brochara, Dhruv states, “Well, as the Director told me, he has a thousand problems in his head all the time. He loves his girlfriend but does not like to show it. On the surface, he comes across as a person who is very busy and work-oriented.”

How has the series shaped up for you and how has the outcome been? “I don’t know about the outcome. That rests on a lot of people. Personally, if you ask me, I have never laughed this much during the filming of any show I have been part of. We were mostly laughing at ourselves. I have had a great time being part of Brochara.”

On his long association with Dice Media, Dhruv avers, “It has been a very long association with Dice Media, from my very first video till the latest show. I hope we get to work on many more projects. It is like a family when I am with them. I share a great comfort level being with Dice Media. I hope this continues.”

Ask him if viewers will get yet another season of Little Things and he quips, “I really hope so. However, I am not aware of anything yet.”

Dhruv is planning a trip to Srilanka.

Also, he is busy writing a couple of scripts. “I do not know whether they will get made. But as of now, I am busy writing.”

Best of luck, Dhruv!!