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Tik Tok is the latest sensation not only amongst the young generation but everyone is engaged in this new music video app. It is gaining traction by the day and in no time this app has already gathered attraction like anything!

Hottest moments of TikTok star Manjul Khattar because why not

Manjul Khattar, the dashing TikTok star is also the chocolate boy in town. His style and looks have been spoken about ever since he started building his social media career. Manjul is also a model, a YouTuber, a singer and a TikTok star as well, totally Multi-talented.

Manjul rose to fame with small skits on his YouTube channel and then moved to Musically, which became TikTok. He has a huge fan base of young girls and boys spread across all of these social media platforms. He has become one of the most famous social media influencers with his talent, hard work and skills.

Manjul’s Instagram pictures will make your heart melt. He is a young budding artist who has a lot more to achieve now. He has accomplished a lot at this young age and has made the audience go crazy over his talent.

Well, it’s not only his Instagram pictures that have tremendously been raising temperatures this rainy season but also his super hot tik tok videos that have totally got us at a loss for words. Manjul is totally one of the cutest and also one of the hottest tik tok stars which ultimately make his videos totally hot as well.

Manjul Khattar has the power to make even a simple video of him smiling totally awe-worthy. But no that’s not what he does, he posts even cuter videos that have made us crush over him very hard. And no it’s not that easy, to make almost every girl fall for you but Manjul surely is blessed with that power and we wish he never stops making these cute tiktok videos as watching them is securely the best part of our day.

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