Rannvijay says that for him life experience matters more than making money

It is important GenX stops fidgeting with their devices and gets out exploring the outdoors: Rannvijay Singh

Rannvijay Singh, host of MTV Roadies, seems to be rather raw in ideology in real life too.

The talented actor cum anchor, who has also hosted  MTV Stuntmania, MTV Splitsvilla Season 1, MTV The Fast and The Gorgeous etc, could not care less about the traction of his new digital foray Arre’s Outdoor’s  travel show, The Real High garners.

“That is the headache of the creator. I get my cheque, I am concerned about putting out right content which I feel the youth must engage with.  It is very important that generation next stop fidgeting with their devices and gets out exploring the outdoors.  It could not get better than our pristine virgin North Eastern frontier state of Arunachal Pradesh as the backdrop.  I am glad the decision makers at Arre liked my idea.  Hope we can do more seasons,” says this army background hunk who has travelled the length & breadth of the country.

Rannvijay, who has been around in TV space for many years now (debuted with Roadies back in 2003) has deliberately kept away from the daily soap grind.

“It is not cut out for me,” he says.

Remind him that fiction stars make huge monies, and he cuts in, “Agreed some of them might be making crore a year (if they earn lakh a day), but what life do they have slogging away in set for years? At 50, they might have huge bank  balance, but then they will not have the stamina to explore other facets of life?  Here I get paid to satiate my travel desire via The Real High, Roadies, RannVJRun and Squadrann etc ). Is it not better?  And money every one makes, life experience is important.”

Further, Rannvijay adds that however big a TV star, he is still lower in ranks than a Bollywood star as the youth do not aspire to be like them (TV stars), they still prefer say a  Ranveer Singh.

“It is this lacuna that I try to fulfill by endorsing 7/8 brands every year courtesy the cool guy image I exude. (He has also started a business venture The Rocksport Challenge).”

Rannvijay also was a part of Vipul Shah’s big ticket Life OK limited series Pukaar. On a closing note he says, “I don’t care if it bombed for I loved my character and the show.”

We wish him all the best.

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