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Read to know when Jannat Zubair and Faisu Met

When Did Jannat Zubair And Faisu Meet?

Faisu, the hot TikTok star, is the web’s new sensation and young ladies have been deeply inspired by his road shrewd style and charming yet dashing looks. Faisu is the new TikTok whiz who has ascended to notoriety with his glorious TikTok recordings. But recently he is grabbing all the limelight with his Instagram reels, as TikTok has been banned in the country.

Faisu has likewise made it to a rundown of top 10 influencers in India. Much the same as most influencers, Faisu too has been amazingly well known among youngsters, particularly teenaged girls. He is worshipped and adored by his fans and is the only heartthrob for the young girls in the country.

Jannat Zubair is perhaps the most youthful big name of Indian TV yet is extremely popular among the crowd. Jannat has increased monstrous notoriety by her stylish fashion updos and adorable acting aptitudes.

Their chemistry and bond have been our only friendship goals so far. And with that, it’s evident that the two spent a lot of time together. And upload several videos on YouTube, Instagram and others. But do you know where they met for the first time?

Well, according to several news reports and video sources, we got to know that they met at Andheri Airport when they were going to an event to Rajkot.

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