Tik Tok stars Jannat Zubair and Arishfa Khan battling it out for the stylish queen title

Jannat Zubair vs Arishfa Khan: Who’s the stylish Tik Tok Queen?

Tik Tok is the rage on social media right now and Tik Tok stars have turned into youth icons. Jannat Zubair and Arishfa Khan are the two perfect examples of this phenomenon.

While both these youngsters started as child actors, they went viral on the internet thanks to their increasing popularity on the musical app. 17 year old Jannat first came into the spotlight when she starred as the lead in the TV serial Phulwa in 2011 whereas, Arishfa is best known for her role as Gunjan in Veera.

The teens receive massive love and adulation for their admiring fans across all social media platforms with both enjoying a follower count in millions.

Along with entertaining their fans with fun videos on Tik Tok, the two actresses are also serving some major looks that have certainly left us stunned. If you follow these beauties on Instagram, you can are sure to leave with a few fashion tips for yourself.

Now, these both might be the queens of Tik Tok but who scores higher on the style radar?

With her crop tops, high-waist pants and sexy dresses, Arishfa has a very chic, laid-back fashion sense which suits her youthful, fun personality.

Jannat Zubair vs Arishfa Khan: Who's the stylish Tik Tok Queen?

Jannat, on the other hand, enjoys a more traditional approach towards her personal style infused with a modern touch.

Jannat Zubair vs Arishfa Khan: Who's the stylish Tik Tok Queen? 1

It’s very clear that both the Tik Tok stars have a very distinct style to them which mashes with their personas perfectly. Both the girls carry their rock their look with effortless confidence which is what fashion is all about.

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