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Mallika Dua the tinder aunty of YouTube is one of the best and cutest comedians of all time. She not only has a good sense of humor but is also a versatile actress. Mallika Dua was a part of AIB and did many sketches with them. She was also a part of their podcast and other programs. She has never really done a show but as a freelancer has worked in many videos.

This is why Mallika Dua should be your next favourite comedian

Her role as tinder aunty is still loved by all her accent in the videos is really funny and most of the times she is as sarcastic as Chandler. Later after many controversies, Mallika left AIB. But her AIB videos are still trending on YouTube. She later made many videos with girliyapa and other as a freelancer. She is also hosting a program called midnight misadventure. On this program, many celebrity guests are invited and are an interview in the Mallika Uda style. She once interviewed Anushka Sharma on behalf of Vogue magazine. Mallika also appeared on Abish Matthew’s show son of Abish as a guest and the audience loved her there. She also keeps on posting videos on Instagram with funny captions. Well in most of her videos she has a very sarcastic role. Many people think that women aren’t as funny as men in this film, but she proved them all wrong.

Not only that she has an amazing fashion sense. From wearing a nimbus Mirchi earrings to slaying in a saree she looks fabulous in all. She has also done a YouTube series The Trip. The tripe is about four girls and their bachelorette trip to Thailand. On the show, Mallika has a very bubbly role to play which is a piece of cake for her. The second season of the show also aired recently in which Mallika was showing having a love interest. Well, we can’t deny the fact that she is hilarious when it comes to comedy and most of her videos are very relatable, that’s the reason Mallika Dua is loved by everyone.

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