Tik Tok is early known as musically is a social media platform that lets teenagers, as well as adults, show their acting skills. People do the dubbing of some famous movie or act a particular sense from it. Most of the youngsters are very active in this app not only in India but also in other countries. Among such youngsters, two of them have a huge fan base due to this app. Manjul Khattan and Manav Chhabra (MNV)

Manjul vs MNV: Who has a strong TikTok game? vs MNV: Who has a strong TikTok game?

Manjul Khattar the 20-year-old youngster started posting funny videos on tik tok at the start, soon he started to lip-sync some famous and funny movie dialogues. His 1st tik tok video was lip-synced of Ranbir Kapoor’s monologue from the movie rockstar. He also has his own YouTube channel where he posts funny skits which he performs with the help of his friends.

‘TikTok’ and thus stopped uploading videos on ‘YouTube. He still managed to gain 305k subscribers.
With time, he earned a massive fan base on.

Within a very short duration, Manjul became a tik tok star. On the other hand he wasn’t alone who
was ruling the tik tok industry there were other youngsters Manav Chhabra (Mr MNV) is one of the
tops Musically stars from India and his title of “The Real King of Musically” was earned after he was named as the official representative of Tik Tok in India by the company. Apart from being the highest-ranking Tik Tok Muser, Manav Chhabra is also a talented dancer who has showcased his impressivemoves in numerous Musical.ly videos. Talking about his popularity Manav Chhabra’s fan following includes Manav Chhabra’s 2.8 Million Tik Tok fans, Manav Chhabra’s 792,000 Instagram followers, Manav Chhabra’s 138,800 YouTube subscribers, Manav Chhabra’s 14,640 Facebook followers and also includes Manav Chhabra’s 875 Twitter followers. Both the youngsters are famous in their own way but MNV Manav Chhabra as compared to Manjul Khattar is the true tik tok king as he has way more followers.

We are sure that these youngsters are sure to make their way in Bollywood soon.

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