Tik Tok is the upcoming social media attraction for all the youngsters to become stars. Manjul and Mr.MNV both of them are popular stars of Tik Tok and are liked by their fans due to their dashing TikTok video.

Manjul vs Mr.MNV: Who slays the TikTok game?

Manjul Khattar is an Indian Musical.ly (now known as TikTok) star. He has gained a massive fan base through his ‘TikTok’ videos. Manjul primarily posts comedy video clips and performs lip-syncs on ‘TikTok.’ He also has a ‘YouTube’ channel where he posts comedy skits. At that time, the video community ‘TikTok’ was gaining momentum. His first ‘TikTok’ video was a lip-sync performance on Ranbir Kapoor’s monologue from the film ‘Rockstar.’ Manjul earned an impressive fan-following with this video. On ‘TikTok,’ he would post clips of all entertainment genres. However, his comedy videos received more popularity. With time, he earned a massive fan base on ‘TikTok’ and thus stopped uploading videos on ‘YouTube.’ Manjul still managed to earn over 305 thousand ‘YouTube’ subscribers. However, he has been receiving a lot of requests to relaunch the channel. Within a short time, Manjul became a ‘TikTok’ star.

Manav Chhabra (Mr MNV) is one of the tops Musically stars from India and his title of “The Real King of Musically” was earned after he was named as the official representative of Tik Tok in India by the company. Apart from being the highest-ranking Tik Tok Muser, Manav Chhabra is also a talented dancer who has showcased his impressive moves in numerous Musical.ly videos. Talking about his popularity Manav Chhabra’s fan following includes Manav Chhabra’s 2.8 Million Tik Tok fans, Manav Chhabra’s 792,000 Instagram followers, Manav Chhabra’s 138,800 YouTube subscribers, Manav Chhabra’s 14,640 Facebook followers and also includes Manav Chhabra’s 875 Twitter followers.

As for his skills and talents, Manav Chhabra has earned widespread recognition, which consists of Manav Chhabra’s 39.3 Million Tik Tok Hearts, Manav Chhabra’s 14,000 Facebook Likes, Manav Chhabra’s 39 Twitter Likes as well as consists of Manav Chhabra’s 5.3 Million views on YouTube.

Both the youngsters are rolling on the musically (tiktok) by the comic, touching, and with there rhythmic moves on trending songs. Their fans are expanding from all over the world. But MR.MNV as compared to Manjul slays the Tik Tok game and also by looking at their fan following MR.MNV has a larger number of fan following as compared to Manjul.

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