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Shaikh Mudassir Faisal known as Mr Faisu on social media is one of the most followed Indian celebrity on Tik Tok app having around over 21 million followers.

Meet TikTok stars Team 07 and Know what makes them popular

He and his team famous as Team 07 is famous TikTok star. Team 07, consist of a group of 5 peoples who are very good friends too.

His team member consists of his friends named Hasnain, Faiz, Adnaan Shaikh & Shadan Farooqui. Out of the entire team, Faisu is the most popular member.

Faisu is liked by girls for his cute and dashing look beside his fashion sense which makes him look adorable and super smart. He has also got ‘The Best Influencer Award’ recently. He has more than 5 million followers on Instagram too.

The team has been posting their TikTok videos and came to limelight with the controversial video they posted on this social media app. In their video posts by the whole gang of friends, the team has titled themselves as ‘Team 07′.

In their recently posted video, the team was found enacting a message which quoted “Innocent Tabrez was killed but if Tabrez’s son grows up and take revenge then Muslim shouldn’t be termed as terrorists”.

The video condemned the death of Muslim man-call Tabrez Ansari who died at the hand of Hindu Lynch mob. He had sustained multiple injuries.

The video was posted on other social media handles including Twitter, where the audiences criticise the video makers, tagging them as hatred and animosity creators. Many of the Twitter followers even asked the police to take the action against the group because of remarks they made on social media that were religiously guided. The team has been accused of posting inciting violence with their comments in the video.

Later, Faisu and his gang apologized for their actions. The team’s account has been suspended on TikTok currently as the team has violated TikTok community guidelines.

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