Mazher Sayed chats on his new web venture

Mazher Sayed gets funny with Captain Mazz

Talented actor Mazher Sayed, currently seen as Prem in Colors’ long running show Sasural Simar Ka, has  also jumped on the digital bandwagon.  He has started a channel called Captain Mazz.

“This is my hidden whacky side.  Mazz is a crazy character who talks nonstop stupidity which makes a lot of sense, but in weird way. To start with, we have uploaded three videos (how to drink water, how to sleep and how to become invisible) and more are in the pipeline (how to fart etc,” shares Mazher with

How did this idea germinate? “As a kid I would make such fun skits and enact them in front of my apartment friends. The best part of the web format is that it gives wings to your creativity without inhibitions. You are not restricted by channels and production house in decision making as on TV. Any ordinary person can simply upload his wares be it singing and dancing and let the world watch. The web has opened doors for so far suppressed talents.”

Are you not afraid of a negative reaction? “Agreed it is crazy, but then it is liked by kids and few adults. “As an artist I was taught one thing, if you want claps be ready for brickbats.  We have too much tension around; I just want to lighten things up.   You like it is fine, if you don’t I don’t care as long as I am happy doing it.”

His two minute videos are inspired by fun stuff such as Ulta Pulta, Didi’s Comedy Show and The Benny Hill show.

So why is that we never see him doing comedy on TV? “I have always had a comic bone;   I would only do funny roles in college. But then I got serious characters in Kahiin Kissi Roz, Saat Phere, and most recently Devanshi etc. I had done a comic show Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal (with Gaurav Gera which   unfortunately tanked, so no one saw.”

What was the reaction of better half Mouli Ganguly on his web videos? :”At first, she was taken aback at what was I doing but later came around and helped me start my above channel.”

Can we see him collaborating on fun stuff with Mouli?  “I don’t think for she finds me embarrassing.  But yes we did a comedy play together.”

We wish him success with his new venture.

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