Mazher Sayed the talented actor talks about his travel plans and what he likes to do during his travel expeditions. You need to read to know more about his travel instincts.

I like to look at Nature and absorb its beauty during travel: Mazher Sayed

Versatile actor Mazher Sayed has donned many interesting roles on TV. From playing the good samaritan to the baddie and being equally good at handling comedy, Mazher has done it all!! Mazher is an ardent travel enthusiast and believes in enjoying the sublime beauty of Nature when he is on any trip.

In a candid chat with, Mazher talks about his travel secrets and about his likings.

Read on.

Travel by plane, car, or boat – What do you like?

Any form of transport which is safe and takes me to my destination is good enough for me. As long as it is not very expensive and safe, I enjoy all forms of travel.

Your most memorable travel was:

Favourite memorable travel is yet to happen. Till now, most of our travel experiences have been nice. They have been better than the ones I have had before. All the travel experiences make me more humble as a person.

If you insist me to call upon one memorable trip, it has to be the first time I went with my wife to Goa. That was memorable because, then, we were not dating each other, we were just friends. So that has been the only time we went to Goa.

Vacation spot you long to go:

It is not actually a vacation spot. It is more of a spiritual spot. I have been longing to go there, that is Mount Kailash. It has got a lot of significance for me. It has got a mystic feel too behind it.

Your favorite travel buddy:

My favourite travel buddy is my wife Mouli. She is more like my best friend. I have not travelled much without her, apart from shoots.

Styled up or Casual during travel:

I prefer being relaxed while travelling. Nature is full of style, hume style marne ki zaroorat nahi hai. So I prefer being relaxed and casual.

Your top three travelling essentials:

Health, wealth and happiness are important as far as tools are concerned. If you are travelling abroad, you need your passport. If it is local, then an aadhar card. The other two will be mobile and wallet. So your two legs and strength in your body are more essential, and also mental health.

Land, Hills or Beaches – your preferred choice:

If you would have asked me five years back, I would have said that I am more of a sea or a beach person. Lately, the hills have been calling me. Hills are the way to go for me.

Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else?

I have never ever travelled solo in my life. I will love to try that once. But I don’t think my wifey will be enthusiastic about that idea.

Any road trip experience:

Oh, terrible road trip experiences I have had. I tend to develop nausea during road travel. Everyone knows that there are likely to be a lot of stops where Mazher has to vomit and get his stomach clean. So road experiences are not good for me. As for the dhaba and food experiences, they are the best in any road travel. I am a vegetarian, I don’t even eat eggs. So I like the Parathas, Dhals that get made on roadside dhabas.

Dancing, singing or eating – your favorite habit during travel?

I prefer to keep mum, look at Nature and absorb the beauty of the ambience.


I like to look at Nature and absorb its beauty during travel: Mazher Sayed 865307