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One of the most popular names in the burgeoning industry of digital content and creativity, Nidhi Bisht is going places with her multiple roles at TVF.

Meet Nidhi Bisht- The Creative Genius at TVF

Nidhi Bisht has been making headlines by breaking stereotypes and making it all viral! This multi-faceted woman has been donning many hats at TVF and is being recognised widely in the industry.

Nidhi Bisht is an actor, filmmaker, casting director and total creative genius. Our very own Rani of Jhansi has created a niche for herself in the entertainment industry and every character created by her has been memorable in it’s own unique and quirky way.

Here’s everything you need to know about this desi Wonder Woman:

Meet Nidhi Bisht- The Creative Genius at TVF

  • She is the Creative Director and an actor at theblockbuster YouTube channel TVF(The Viral Fever)


  • She is a lawyer turned filmmaker! Yes, she has her degree in Bachelors of Law(LLB)


  • She is currently taking the internet by storm with her latest offering ‘BISHT PLEASE’ at TVF.


  • She has acted in films like Phillauri (2017) and Urmika (2015)


  • She has a background in theatre as well and has done some ground-breaking work there


  • She has acted in different web series like ‘TVF Pitchers’, ‘Permanent Roommates’ and many more, each character quirkier than the other.


  • Her content is absolutely original and is very well known for having the correct amount of drama, sass andof course, reality check.


  • She studied from Jamia Milia Islamia college, Delhi and has been ambitious ever since she stepped out in to the world


  • She has emerged as one of the leading icons of the web industry.


  • She learnt acting from Barry John’s Imago Academy, Delhi.

Wonder Woman sure seems like an understatement for her now, doesn’t it? Nidhi Bisht is going places and you should definitely be following her to know it all.

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