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In conversation with Kubbra Sait.

I never accepted Sacred Games for nudity; I accepted it for the story: Kubbra Sait

Enchanting beauty Kubbra Sait, who holds a degree in Finance and Marketing from the National Institute of Management and Information Sciences in India, is ruling the web space with her exceptional acting talent.

The talented actress made brief appearances in movies like Sultan and Ready, and was also a part of the Amazon Prime Video web series, #Going Viral that also starred actor Kunaal Roy Kapoor.

Recently, she enthralled audiences with her portrayal of Kukoo, a character she did absolute justice to, in Netflix’ Hindi original series, Sacred Games.

In conversation with IWMBuzz.com, Kubbra spoke about the series, her journey, web censorship and more…

Kubbra, welcome to IWMBuzz. To begin with, how does it feel to be a digital star?

It is a huge change from being popular to being a star, irrespective of the entertainment space I belong to, but I feel it is great. I think the growth in small things like increase in the number of Twitter or Instagram followers, and winning my first digital award for being an actor, has been overwhelmingly positive.

How was your experience working for Sacred Games?

It was absolutely terrific. Every member of the cast was working to achieve a single goal; so it was a magical process, working on Sacred Games. I am glad that it was loved by millions of people.

You played a transgender character named Kukoo in Sacred Games. So, were you apprehensive before taking up the project?

I was not apprehensive at all. It was my intuition, and within a blink of an eye, I agreed to do the project and that’s how Kukoo happened. For me, it was playing a human, instead of tagging it as the third gender. I can say it was just simply amazing.

You had a nudity scene too in the series. So how difficult was that to shoot and how did you prepare yourself?

At the end of the day, you have to perform. I feel you can’t prepare yourself. It just happens in the moment. It was deeper and more sensitive than being only nudity. If I want to watch nudity, then I have enough sites for it and it is available for free; so why do I need to spend X amount of money on Netflix, and just watch one show – Sacred Games – and watch nudity for just three seconds. I think there were far more layers to the scene than just nudity. I never accepted it for the nudity; I accepted it for the story.

I never accepted Sacred Games for nudity; I accepted it for the story: Kubbra Sait 1

Do you think there should be censorship on web content? 

I think enough creativity is destroyed by TV and films, in the name of censorship. What really needs to be censored is the senseless heart-breaking TV, with bad computer graphics, that we see today. Real time emotions and happenings could be guided and not censored. If enough positive content is put out there, then people will be propelled to positivity and that is the kind of holistic world we need to work towards. You can’t eradicate the bad by censoring it.

Anyone you idolize in your domain?

There have been several people who have come in the forefront in the digital space. I don’t idolize anyone as such but it is amazing to collaborate with good talent. It is hard to idolize and work with them, so I would rather challenge and respect them and move on.

How do you keep yourself updated as a performer?

I read. I keep motivating myself with the videos I watch. I also watch a lot of stand-up comedy. I take time out for myself to be updated as a performer.

When not busy working, how do you unwind?

I am an adventure junkie. I travel alone a lot and explore different foods, different cultures. My last trip was to Cambodia.

You are a host and also an actor. What comes naturally to you?

Both come naturally to me. I am aware of who I am as a person. I laugh; I apologize when I am wrong. I have sarcasm which exists. I use all of these as my personality on stage. As an actor, I am blended with a character that I am playing, so it is actually very interesting. The only thing that I need to tweak between being actor and host is my 180-degree vision as opposed to a certain point of vision. Overall, it is very interesting to develop from a host to an actor. I think hosting comes naturally to me.

What is next in store for all Kubbra Sait fans?

There is work in store and right now there is more learning. It is going to be amazing.

Any final thoughts for your fans…

Thank you so much. I have always had acquaintances and friends appreciating my work.  The term ‘Fans’ is little elaborated; thank you for considering me worthy enough for you to be a fan of my work. I promise to continue working and celebrating the creative form of art. Thank you all!

Good luck, Kubbra!

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