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Candid chat with Nehal Vadoliya

I have no problems going bold as long as it justified by the script: Nehal Vadoliya

Actor Nehal Vadoliya, of Gandii Baat 3 fame, is very excited about her new Ullu web series Julie (Om Sai Production).

“I will not say much about the thriller plot. Why don’t you watch it for yourself? As the trailer suggests, it is a very powerful character. You can call her both antagonist and protagonist.”

“My nurse character is quite complex and I really immersed myself into her; so much so, that after a while I started to act weird, which alarmed my roommates.”

“Our series has just gone live four days back and I am getting very good feedback.”

Talking about her Julie co-stars, she says, “Both Aman Verma and Ajit Jha are known artists and it was a pleasure working with them.”

We hear it is quite steamy.

“Yes, but the scenes are required by the script. Nothing is added just for titillation. Being a professional actor, I understand that all these are part of the character’s journey. So I go with whatever unfolds, as per the screenplay. My parents too understand this distinction between my on-screen characters and Nehal.”

Here Nehal added that she took a calculated risk by taking up Julie, “For then I was also getting long-running characters in TV shows such as Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, among others. Yet, I took up Julie, for I loved her character. A true actor likes to be challenged every day, and let’s face it guys, we all want to do leads, right?”

Shifting gears to Gandi Baat 3, where she had a small role in the fourth story, i.e. Honeymoon on Wheels, she says, “We shot on the banks of the Ganga in the holy city of Haridwar. Every Indian likes to visit this place at least once in their lifetime. I had not got this opportunity till now, so double benefit,” says Gujarat born Nehal, who has done a few small projects till now.

“Yes, my Vimla character was bold. Most of the intimate scenes in the story involved her. But here, I must give full credit to the director Sachin Mohite for handling those parts with full sensitivity. Our creative director Neha was there in the same room, offering full support.”

“This was the first time I was doing such scenes, yet I took it like any other shoot.”

“Last but not the least, I got a chance to work with Ekta Kapoor, the queen of Indian entertainment.”

“I got the first whiff of fame post Gandi Baat 3, and hope to get much more, courtesy Julie and other future projects.”

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