Cyndy Khojol on her role in AltBalaji's Fourplay

I play a fun young girl in Fourplay: Cyndy Khojol

Assamese model  Cyndy Khojol, who has been part of multiple theater and films projects, is quite excited being a part of new ALTBalaji web series Fourplay .  “I play a fun attractive young  girl who can’t speak Hindi or  English.  How she makes mistakes with words,  adds a lot of  fun to the situation.  She just has one thing on her mind and that is sex.”

This plot  is a comedy of errors about what happens when a couple decides to  spend the night at another couple’s place.

Talking about web-series she says, “This format has opened one more vista for us to tell stories.  Today most actors are making a beeline to digital.”

She has no problems with adult content on web series. “We have clearly written that this stuff is not for those below 18, so what is the fuss if there are kissing scenes?  You even get to watch po*n online.”

So is there is any kind of adult content in your show. we ask? “I don’t think so,  there is no kissing between me and my co- star Nitin Mirani, who plays my on screen boyfriend .”

On the experience of working with senior actors like Gaurav Chopraa, Rajesh Khattar and Vandana Sajnani she says, “ You get to learn so much from them as they are so much experienced.”

Since Cyndy has more oriental features, does she find it tough to get work given the prejudice in the society? “Luckily things are now changing and today diversity in looks is appreciated, like I recently played a Naga character. It is sad that  being an Indian you are called Chinese, at first It would upset me, now I  just laugh it off.”

Looking ahead she would  want to do bigger roles in films. “I want to  work with  Manoj Bajpayee, he is a really good actor .”

Just like her character Cyndy’s personal Hindi is not great either. “I do have issues with diction. But yes if given a script, can do a good job. ”

We wish her success with her project.