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Aashiv Midha is a popular content and video creator on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Tik Tok. He is known for his uniqueness and humour. His fashion sense and cute smile is another reason for his popularity.

We rate the best of Aashiv Midha on Tik Tok

Aashiv Midha never settles with the trend. In fact, he is the trendsetter. His content is funny and engaging. He always tries to make videos that connect with the audience and will make them laugh. Another reason why his fans love him.

He started when he was in the second year of graduation and he used Youtube to gain popularity. He received a lot of criticism and at one point he wanted to give up. But, he didn’t.
After his graduation, he started to work in an MNC while continuously making videos. He was consistent and hardworking.

After 1.5 years and 60 videos, one of his videos gained millions of views and that’s when his popularity increased. After he started to earn through this creative field, he left his job and took his passion as a full-time job. Recently, he joined Tik Tok and received the batch of the popular tag within twenty days. He makes sure that he posts one video on Tik Tok every day and one video on Youtube every seven days.

He spends most of his time writing, editing and thinking of content. He positively takes feedback and criticism and keeps working on them. He is open to ideas and trends. There was a time when he followed trends to be popular, now, he makes trends.

Today, he enjoys 25.8k followers on Instagram, 416k fans on Tik Tok and 340k subscribers on youtube. He is constantly growing and improving. He is loved and adored by his fans for his work and passion.

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