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Anant Joshi who plays the lead role of Bhasskar Tripathi in ALTBalaji’s Virgin Bhasskar gets into a conversation.

Very few scripts talk about a man and his vulnerabilities: Anant Joshi on Virgin Bhasskar

Anant Joshi is back on the platform of ALTBalaji after Gandii Baat with a contrastingly different avatar in Virgin Bhasskar. The series is produced by Karam Media and Entertainment and by Rashmi Somvanshi who is also the Creative Director on the series.

The talented actor plays the role of the lead Bhasskar Tripathi who is teased in his friends circle for being a virgin even in his late twenties. However, this is not the premise to the main story. The story line harbors a beautifully written love story.

Says Anant, “Bhasskar Tripathi is a guy who comes from Allahabad to Banaras to become a writer. However he gets an opportunity in a publication house which only writes erotica. In the meantime, he falls in love with a girl and genuinely wants her in his life. However his pen name of ‘Bad Boy’ comes in between his love story and all that unfolds is really hilarious.”

“Bhasskar is otherwise a very honest, straight forward guy who believes in the old school of falling in love and taking it forward,” he adds.

“The problem for Bhasskar is that the world around him is really crazy. That is driving him wild. The interesting part in playing this role is that Bhasskar is the kind of split personality that was required to play the role. He is a normal young guy who puts his erotic writing into play with what he sees around him. He visualizes by reading books and by seeing things around him. His books are really famous and his pen name of Bad Boy makes him very popular. The plot will open up when the girl he loves will get to know of Bhasskar and Bad Boy being the same,” Anant adds who has featured in Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka.

Anant believes that Bhasskar is a very relatable personality and we can see such people around us. “It is quite a relatable character and I enjoyed playing it. I had no problems in getting into the skin of the character. However the Banarasi dialect and getting it right was an interesting process.”

Anant loves Bhasskar’s sincerity the most. “He’s a sincere and honest guy. He is a lovable character. He believes in being nice. And I have taken home this aspect of it, and have learnt to believe in myself more.”

“This is my second outing with ALTBalaji, and I am quite familiar with the team now. When they approved the script, I was selected for my part. After that the whole direction team got changed. I got a lot of time to get connected to the character. I was also lucky to have got into the creative process too. Our Director Sangeita Rao used to ask me my point of view and approach it that way. This actually helped me more to get into the character.”

“I am quite glad to have gotten this kind of a strong character. I am very new to the industry, and trying to find my position. I got lucky bagging this role is what I will say. Very fewer scripts talk about a man in this way and about his vulnerabilities. So this was a shift from playing the stereotypical hero with a strong image. In simple words I am happy to have broken the stereotype with this funny character. To get this script at this point of my career is a real high,” he states.

“I would like to tell viewers that Virgin Bhasskar is a beautiful love story; the element of erotism is just an part in the love story.”

Anant Joshi who comes from a theater background is a singer, dancer and a performer on the whole. “I am a well-versed Flamenco dancer and will love to grab a role that requires me to sing and dance and perform in future.”

Way to go, Anant Joshi!!

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