Sex does break the morbidity of web drama: Amit Behl 

In conversation with Amit Behl 

Sex does break the morbidity of web drama: Amit Behl 

Veteran actor, Amit Behl, who is doing 2 web series at the moment, is very excited about the new digital revolution that is doing the rounds of the entertainment sector. “While I will continue to do TV (‎Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gatha) for it helps pays my EMIs, whenever I get called for www shows, it excites the actor within.”

“For web content is more realistic and entertaining than TV shows, which are bound by lots of limitations. Also, we as actors feel better engaged, for we get full bound scripts well in advance,” says this actor, who has been doing both TV and films for over 2 decades.

“Also, OTT players don’t micromanage tracks like TV series producers. Neither do they demand wholesale changes to the plot once they have approve a given script. So makers have a lot of creative liberty on hand, to experiment with subjects taboo on TV.”

“I started my web journey with short films (Shitty Ideas Trending), and then went on to do full-fledged web series such as Virgin Women Diaries and O Vatsyayana. I am now shooting for the second seasons of Virgin Women Diaries and Inside Edge (Amazon Prime),” says Amit.

“Interestingly, when Kabir Sadanand produced Virgin Women Diaries, which deals with women coming to terms with the loss of their virginity and its effect on their folks, and the show first came out, there was a lot of buzz on how bold it would be; but, at the end of the day, we had just 2 kissing scenes.”

“Soon to go on the floors, season two of Virgin Women Diaries takes the comic situation forward, of what happens post the two couples crossing the line. I am playing the girl’s father, so you can understand what he will do and feel. As you saw in Season 1, he is a henpecked and whacked out character.”

“Also, while my other just-released web product, O Vatsayana, deals with art of lovemaking, it was shot in a fun way and there was no nudity.” He played the God of Love, who feels challenged by online porn.

“Here, let me make it clear that sex and lovemaking scenes are fine as long as they add to the narrative. There was lots of nudity in Game of Thrones, but it never took away from the drama,” added Amit, who is also the Hon General Secretary of premier film and TV actors’ body, CINTAA.”

“Also, let’s admit that given the morbidity of high drama, sex does provide some kind of viewer relief. But again, the bottom line is that it needs to be in the script. A story where sex is added only for titillation might attract initial eyeballs, but it will not garner the much-needed repeat views and subscriptions.”

In closing, Amit adds, “Another major positive of web, which is already acting as a bridge between TV and cinema, is that it also provides filmmakers who don’t have theatrical P & A budgets a direct online release.”

“Here, courtesy web, many people are now watching few of my earlier movies that they had missed due to the absence of a good enough theatrical release and PR muscle. So, web entertainment is a godsend for talented actors. You can even watch library flicks on the web, unlike in theatres.”


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