Hands down, Elvish Yadav is one of the best YouTube content creators.

These skits by Elvish Yadav will make him your new favorite YouTuber

Because YouTube is open to anyone and everyone who has an internet connection, the platform is definitely cluttered. And every once in a while, there will be that one YouTuber who breaks through the clutter in such a powerful way that we are compelled to hit the ‘subscribe’ button. YouTuber Elvish Yadav is one of them.

With almost 5 million subscribers on YouTube, Elvish Yadav’s videos are extremely well-liked and highly consumed in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. On average, his videos receive a viewership of at least 3 million within just a month. Brands are capitalizing Yadav’s outreach and collaborate with him to produce videos which will advertise their products. Unlike many other YouTubers who merely record audio and then integrate it with random videos, Elvish Yadav produces videos with elaborate stories which are not just hilarious but have a special focus on all things desi. As a matter of fact, he often includes the word ‘desi’ in his video titles as well. His Haryanvi accent and language lend a distinctive identity to all his productions.

Elvish started his journey with a few prank videos on Facebook and draws inspiration from none other than YouTuber and Viner Ashish Chanchlani.

Here are some of Elvish Yadav’s skits which will leave in in splits and convince you that his YouTube channel deserves to be subscribed!

1) Elections 2019: This satirical take on the Indian election scene is full of recent controversies, innuendos and perfectly timed background music.

2) College: First Year v/s Last Year: With more than 13 million views, this is one of the most relatable skits. It is an accurate representation of how students and their behaviors change dramatically by the time they’re in their fina l year.

3) The Road Trip: Even though this is one of the videos that features a brand promotion, there is no compromise on humor and content.

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