Sumit Anand is a comedian you should surely go for. Some people move to become a comedian because they love doing it and are excelling in it, some of them who learn and then do it but Sumit Anand is one who chooses comedy because he doesn’t like to work.

Sumit Anand is the next stand up comedian you should watch out

Sumit Anand born in Haryana has dome Engineering and MBA and chooses to Stand up comedy as side by career and the jobs he does as hobbies. Sumit Anand has 100 over shows that he performed across the country. He is shown to be the rising star of the comedy of NDTV. Sumit Anand has also performed shows in abroad countries like Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia.

Sumit Anand jokes are all about his job, side jobs, hobbies, working at home, waking up from a deep slumber, and everything else that he does on a daily basis. His observational jokes are made upon himself because, well, he self-admittedly does not have a social life. He also covers topics like living abroad and living in general. He is a person with full energy and enthusiasm in him to make people laugh hard with his comedy. He is so effortlessly hilarious that every time he says something, people laugh.

Sumit Anand jokes are really so funny and meaningful, he never tries to grab someone else to make people laugh or create jokes he does all by the abilities he has and ideas he has. The humor that he creates is somewhere unique and different from other stand-up comedians. His jokes are always on the point that will seriously make you laugh like anything. His jokes create happiness all around. Sumit is loved many of the people due to the content of the jokes and the atmosphere that he creates ad well as maintains while his shows.

He is Stand up comedy is really worth watching and so this Sumit Anand should be the next stand up comedian on your watch list.

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