5 summed up tips from Faisu to become famous

Take tips from Faisu and become one, like him

To become famous is what youngsters dream of! Sometimes, within a night, it is no news that the youths have tried multiple times to become famous and worked out different ways to it! But it doesn’t happen like that! It takes hard work, a lot of effort and commitment! Talking of youth, we can’t deny the existence of Faisal Sheikh, the famous TikTok star, whose chronicles have never gotten less than a million views! His Instagram is flooding with millions of followers.

And if you are reading this, we believe that you do want to be someone like Faisu, one day! Else, why would you! So, here we have summed 5 tips coming straight from the star, himself!

1. Make sure, your content is unique

Faisal mentioned that it is very crucial to keep your content unique and different from others so that you stand out of the crowd and become viable to others!

2. Clean Content

Faisu insists, his enthusiasts, that the content should not be plagiarised, and should be original!

3. Be regular

One has to be regular with their content, it should not go like you to post a video today and the next after 6 months, no one likes that!

4. Be patient

Fame doesn’t come in a night, as far as the aphorism depicts, “Rome was not built in a day”

5. Be committed

One has to be committed to what they do, be passionate and loyal to their work

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