Television has finally evolved – Sudeep Sarangi on playing the benchmark role of his career

Sudeep Sarangi recently portrayed a character that made him more than satisfied in terms of its story telling, acting and execution..

Television has finally evolved – Sudeep Sarangi on playing the benchmark role of his career

Talented actor Sudeep Sarangi who craves to do challenging roles in TV and films was recently in a very satisfied state of mind when we caught up with him!!

The reason for this being that he had just finished shoot for a mind-blowing story, a role that any actor would want to do!! And to get high levels of satisfaction on TV enlightened the man and he talked to us with an aim to convey to his fraternity friends that TV has certainly evolved in terms of its story telling and execution of brilliant thoughts and concepts.

Said Sudeep, “This was a real life story of a man in an urban village in Mumbai who killed 14 members of his family, including kids and infants after inviting them for a grand supper at home. This was a sensational news a year back. This story in Star Bharat’s episodic story brought to life the inner conflict of the man and the brutality he created by killing his family.”

Talking about this shoot being a benchmark in his acting career, Sudeep explained, “As an actor, I always want to do good work. After a long time on TV, I happened to be part of this story which made me more than satisfied. The quality of work, the story telling, camera work, screenplay and the execution were top-notch. We have shown the dramatized version of the real story, but with a strong message coming out of it. I am happy that such opportunities have started to open up on TV. I had to portray a person who was always silent and unassuming, but he got into such a cold-blooded act that would leave anyone shivering. This role needed high level of performance and I am glad I could deliver it. I have always wanted to do roles that actors like Nawazudinn Siddiqui and Irrfan Khan do. And this role on TV was nothing less than a film. I am happy and blessed to have rendered such a strong message to the viewers who would see the episodic.”

This nerve-chilling story was conceptualized by new Producers, Ding Productions. “Hats off to the Producers for making this story and believing in it. I must specially praise the effort of the Director Raj Chakraborthy who has done an amazing job.”

Before signing off, Sudeep shared that there is a need for individuals to know what is good and bad. “A lot of such people exist in today’s society. Mental instability needs to be checked and treated at the right time. Rather than thinking negative, people should focus on the brightness in their lives and use positivity as a source of inspiration.”

Very well said, Sudeep!!

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