Candid chat with Faiz Baloch and Memon Shifa

The TikTok journey of Faiz Baloch and Memon Shifa

Faiz Baloch and Memon Shifa are both TikTok stars and after a long journey, they have completed 2 years together.

When asked how they felt on people liking their Jodi on TikTok, Faiz replied, “I am happy that I have completed two years today and now I want us to be together forever”.

People also tried to put them down when the TikTok app was about to be banned.

Faiz said people used to taunt him sarcastically about what he would do once the app is banned. But when the app wasn’t banned by the Supreme Court, Faiz replied to them, “Ab Dekho kya karunga”.

Also, when asked about their favorite TikTok star, Memon replied that her favorite TikTok star was Awez Darbar for he makes very good videos and all his videos have content that teaches you something.

Memon also said that her parents played a huge role in her success as they trusted her and were never against what she was doing. That kept her going and made her achieve this milestone.

We wish the TikTok stars Faiz Baloch and Memon Shifa good luck for their future and would like to congratulate them on reaching this milestone.

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