Get ready to witness the grandest extravaganza in the world of web entertainment! The much-awaited IWMBuzz Digital Awards, India’s most happening web entertainment awards, is back and ready to rock your screens.

With the previous four editions setting the bar high, the fifth edition promises to be an even more spectacular affair!

It’s a world where creativity knows no bounds and improvisation reigns supreme. So, hold on tight as we unveil the nominees for the coveted category of Viral King Of The Year at the IWMBuzz Digital Awards 2023.

Ranveer AllahbadiaVote Now

Ranveer Allahbadia, the charismatic force of positivity and enthusiasm in the world of content creation. With his contagious energy and quirky sense of humour, Ranveer can turn any situation into a fun-filled adventure. Whether sharing life lessons and fitness tips or engaging in hilarious challenges, he never fails to put a smile on his audience’s faces. Get ready to embark on a journey of laughter and inspiration with the one and only Ranveer Allahbadia!

Neel SalekarVote Now

In the vibrant world of Neel Salekar, creativity and humour collide! With his infectious charm and quick wit, Neel is a breath of fresh air in the content creation sphere. From his hilarious skits to his relatable everyday adventures, he knows how to keep you entertained and laughing along.

RJ AbhinavVote Now

Whenever we talk about RJ Abhinav, laughter becomes the ultimate playlist! With his infectious energy and playful banter, Abhinav knows how to turn even the dullest of days into a riot of giggles. Whether he’s cracking hilarious jokes, hosting wacky contests, or sharing his misadventures in the city, he’s guaranteed to keep you entertained and hooked to your screens

FunchoVote Now

The all-time hilarious squad known as Funcho! These masters of mischief and comedy are here to whisk you away on a non-stop joyride of fun and entertainment. With their side-splitting sketches, playful pranks, and infectious energy, Funcho guarantees to leave you in stitches.

Saurabh GhadgeVote Now

Saurabh Ghadge is the ultimate multitasker with a knack for hilarity! With his side-splitting role plays, this self-proclaimed Viner, part-time student, and video creator, knows how to inject laughter into everyday situations. From exploring the humorous dynamics between fathers and sons to recreating uproarious dinner table conversations, Saurabh’s comedic prowess knows no bounds.

Awez DarbarVote Now

Awez Darbar, the sensational Mumbai-based dance choreographer and social media influencer! Known for his exceptional dance moves and captivating facial expressions, Awez has dance running through his veins. From his viral videos to his hilarious comic reels, his creativity knows no bounds.

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