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Candid chat with Maushmi Udeshi

Total nudity takes away the curiosity factor: Maushmi Udeshi 

Well-known model and film actor, Maushmi Udeshi, plays the lead role in Ullu app’s new horex (horror and sex) web series, titled The Host. “I play a demure housewife who gets possessed by a sex-crazy female ghost who has a wild time with her husband.”

Here Maushmi admits that the sex part is more dominant than the chills and spooks. “Let’s face it, in a country of perverted men, sleaze sells big time. Also, given the shoe-string budgets of most web properties sans biggies, they obviously want to focus more on elements not requiring major post-production. And today horror has become much more natural unlike the days of the Ramsays,” says Maushmi, who was a part of several popular music videos, for example, Neele Neele Ambar Par and the Noorie Remix, years back.

“I liked the story and screenplay of The Host, so went ahead. The bold elements were required, and yes, they paid me decently as well.” Her first web outing, short film, Stolen Christmas, has garnered a shade less than a million YouTube views.

Maushmi has no problems with the lovemaking scenes, being quite comfortable with her body. “Many times, the male actors get uncomfortable. For me, this is just shooting, so I focus more on the technical parts (grace, body movements, for the camera). It appears sensuous on screen, for music is added.” She is also part of the upcoming feature film called Foser Villy, which has hilarious hot scenes.

However, Maushmi will not go for frontal nudity. “While I am ok with shots showing hair on my breasts or side boob showing, where I draw the line is at revealing breast nipples, bare butt and crotch. Apart from discomfort about seeing it with my folks, I think baring it all takes away all the curiosity.”

Here she admitted, “I have lost a lot of work, eg Unfreedom (which eventually got banned in India) because of my above refusal. My lack of reaching the top can also be attributed to my refusal to sleep for work. The #MeToo chatter is not wrong. I too have been propositioned by some of them. But yes, there is no rape here coz sex is consensual. You can’t get big work any other way. Sadly, many girls still get left in the wilderness despite doing what it takes.” Her last well-known film was Ye Toh Too Much Ho Gaya with Jimmy Shergill and Murli Sharma, back in 2016.

Maushmi adds, “It is not that I have only done bold roles. My previous short, Not Applicable based on a single mother did not have any scope of skin show. There is one more unreleased hugs and kissless feature where I play a strong classical dancer.”

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