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TVF’s Jeetendra Kumar can give most of the Bollywood actors a run of their money and showing them how to do it right!

TVF’s Jeetendra Kumar is better than most Bollywood actors. Here’s why!

The gap between Bollywood, Television and Digital is slowly but surely bridging. The immense popularity of web series has attracted Bollywood actors like Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddhique, Radhika Apte to try out the genre. Similarly, you will see artists from television & web getting recognized for their work and graduating onto the big screen. While some find success, others persist.

No matter what, the fact that getting recognition for new talent is not just confined to movies and TV anymore is something we are thankful for. For some of the best actors that have come through in recent times are from the digital medium.

TVF's Jeetendra Kumar is better than most Bollywood actors. Here's why!

One such actor who has established himself as the superstar of the digital world is none other than, Jeetendra Kumar aka Jeetu, also better known as the ‘Prince of TVF’. After quitting engineering to follow his passion, he moved to Mumbai and joined The Viral Fever (TVF). Since then he has rose to prominence with his roles in Permanent Roommates and TVF Pitchers that have made him a digital star.

Kumar also made his recent Bollywood debut in the lead role with the movie ‘Gone Kesh’. Although the film didn’t fare well commercially, he was applauded for his performance. And rightly so!

Like his namesake, Jeetendra deserves to be seen on the big screen. There is absolutely no doubt that he is one hell of an actor. He has the audience hooked every time he appears onscreen. Emotions, subtlety, dialogue delivery, intensity – Kumar is a wholesome performer. And he’s absolutely handsome too. Have you seen his smile?!

TVF's Jeetendra Kumar is better than most Bollywood actors. Here's why! 1

He may not be your ideal hero material but his fine acting skills and the ability to bring in versatility with his characters deserves more attention.

You just have to watch one of his best performances till date, wherein he mimicked ‘Arvind Kejriwal’ to know what we are talking about. And Bollywood certainly needs to watch out for him!

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