Mukti Mohan who debuts on the digital platform with TVF’s Inmates talks about her role and her thoughts on the trending web market.

Web is a beautiful space to play with for people trying to create newer stuff – Mukti Mohan

Mukti Mohan the girl with grace, elegance and beauty is presently basking in the glory of her web series debut with TVF’s original series, Inmates.

For Mukti, this opportunity came as a welcome change as she had been either busy with theater or her dance projects. “I was very picky about not doing anything predictable. I am glad that Inmates happened for me; my role is very different from anything that I have done so far. Initially, when I heard of the role, I somehow did not see myself in it. However, the Casting Director Abhishek Banerjee saw the character Kay in me. There are very less people who can put you in the kind of comfort zone that he put me in. I believe in going with the instinct of someone who has imagined me in a particular zone. I trusted that vibe and I am glad that I did so. Being a psychology student, what better can one get than putting someone’s imagination into reality.”

Talking about her character in Inmates, Mukti stated, “She is headstrong, a DJ by profession. She loves music but has a mind of her own. She’s very well traveled, hence does not think that a male and female should have different perspectives in life. She is the one who shakes everyone in the house. She is a bit of a feminist, liberal and open-minded in a house where every character has its own. The girl will have more layers to her and that is for people to watch (smiles).”

When asked whether any of Kay’s attributes are similar to her in real life, Mukti averred, “I am a feminist and I am headstrong. So I am very similar in these aspects. However, when I played this character, I found her to be very aggressive.”

TVF explores the wacky side of friendship with this web-series. “It is a concept which is forward thinking, more related to the culture of today’s society. It also captures the current scenario wherein boys and girls can stay together without getting into any taboo.”

Talking about how the digital medium has inspired one and all, Mukti stated, “TVF has definitely started a trend. And we have a strong market for such stories now. We have Roost, Netflix, Amazon and others playing it well with new concepts. On the web content is always character-driven and very relatable. TVF content is watched by a niche crowd. The web portal shows stories that have not been able to make it on TV. If you say a film needs a benchmark of 100 crore and a TV show needs a benchmark of say 6.2 TRP, one can say that on the web, people need to be honest. After so many years, we finally have a medium that is very transparent in its approach. Audience too love to be part of something so transparent. For people who are trying to create newer stuff, web is a beautiful space to play with.”

Mukti had a blast working with the cast and crew of Inmates. “It was so good working with all. It was so much fun. Everyone was so patient and open to opinions. Kashyap Kapoor and Raghav Kakkar who are part of the cast are the writers of this concept; it is so wonderful that their thought has been picked up by TVF and that has given rise to this series. We hope the concept clicks and translates on screen and people like it.”

Here’s wishing you luck, Mukti!!



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