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Review of Dice Media’s Operation MBBS: An interesting outlook about life in a medical college

Show Name: Operation MBBS

Cast: Ayush Mehra (Nishant), Anshul Chauhan (Sakshi) & Sarah Hashmi (Huma)

Origin: Dice Media

Ratings: 3 stars

We all certainly have at least that one friend who has been an aspiring doctor and has toiled his way through the strenuous journey of 5 years in MBBS to achieve their goal. While the journey of 5 years as a medical student might be filled with academic pressure and stress, it also has its share of fun and madness like the life of any other college student. While medical life has been portrayed with perfection on TV with the likes of Sanjivani and Dill Mill Gayye, its time for Dice Media to take the onus on themselves to carry forward the same concept but in a rather quirky and different way in the web platform. Operation MBBS is all about a positive step towards that direction depicting the lives of three students and how their venture in the world of medicine starts.

The trio of Nishant, Sakshi, and Huma although having different reasons to seek a career in the field of ‘Health & Medicine’ come together in the same medical institute. The first episode titled ‘Infection’ is all about establishing the three characters and their character sketch. While Nishant happens to be a fun-loving jovial bloke whose primary motive behind opting for this field is to stay away from his family, Huma has her own story to deal with which is full of struggles and tribulations. The tag of a Doctor would somehow serve as a redemption for her in her life and career while as far as Sakshi is concerned, she comes from the background of a joint-family who wants to become a doctor to fulfill her dreams.

The first two episodes will give you multiple moments where nostalgia might hit you about your own college life. Seeing the sequences, you might just travel back to the time where life was entirely about just education and fun.

As the narrative unfolds and gets deeper from the first episode to the second, the plot gets bigger and better and beyond just the comical elements that will tickle your funny bones and give you your chucklesome moments.

The shift in narrative happens rather sensibly from three freshers entering college life for the first time to eventually them getting more involved in their studies thereby taking a toll on their personal life. The screenplay gets crisper and the director has to be given a lot of credit for translating the medical drama at the proper pace and not rushing into things just to express their viewpoint.

The performances are subtle yet natural and sharp from Ayush, Anshul, and Sarah and although much elder than college students in real life, they get the body language and expressions right enough to enable you to miss your own college life. They blend different contrasting emotions of anxiety, ambition, ad playfulness rightly and that’s what makes it an enjoyable watch.

3/5 stars

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