Rating – 3.5/ 5

Ep : 1 :- The Ragging In The Boys Hostel

In the first scene , seniors of the boys hostel are ragging two freshers, asking them to remove their clothes. One of the freshers’ hasn’t done that so the senior tore off his clothes. Next scene, the ragging victim fell from the top of the boys hostel in the basement on a tennis board.The beginning is very engaging and makes you connect to the movie.

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Ep – 2 :- Insensitive approach towards the single mother ‘Bijoya’

Starting from the police officer, principal of the college and the journalist she met in this episode are way too selfish to get their purpose done. In the principal ‘s character actor Sudip Mukherjee , in the journalist ‘s character Debi saha seems to be the perfect cast. They will keep you holding your eyes on them!

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Ep – 3 :- ” Why people committee suicide mom! ” – truth behind the suicide case

Review of 'Bijoya': A Poignant Tale 905677

In this episode, ‘Bijoya ‘, Swastika Mukherjee met with the psychiatrist ‘Anuradha Roy’, played beautifully by actress Bidipta Mukherjee . Bijoya talked about their personal life and claimed that her son didn’t commit suicide.Here comes the most engaging part makes you watch rest of the series. If you already came to episode 3 there’s no going back .

Ep – 4 :- ‘ Mihir Gupta ‘, the main villen’s identity revealed

In this episode we will get to witness Saheb Chatterjee as Mihir Gupta, an influential business person who is purposefully playing with Bijoya from behind. Actor Saheb Chatterjee as Mihir Gupta will definitely make you hate the character through his acting skills.

Ep- 5 :- Suicide or attempt to murder case!

Please keep your box of tissues ready before watching episode 6. Victim Nilanjan Basu ‘s roommate Ahan Maitra describes to Bijoya about the whole incident that happened to her son. Actor Jeet Shundor as ‘Ahan Maitra’ and Actress Gulshanara Khatun as ‘Shampa’ , Ahan’s mother performance in the series is excellent
Ep-6 :- ‘Who is Ricky?

Ricky, the senior guy from the boys hostel is the leader of the ragging racket. Shameless, ruthless Ricky is associated with Mihir Gupta. Actor Raunak Dey Bhowmick as Ricky was overall good but can push himself more in the character.

Ep – 7 :- The unexpected ending to justice

Last and most thrilling episode of the series, Bijoya, Mihir Gupta, Ricky on the screen together. This episode shows how the single woman exposed the main villains and got justice for her dead son.

Review of 'Bijoya': A Poignant Tale 905678

Special Mention :-
1. Actress Swastika Mukherjee as ‘Bijoya’ – the innocence in her eyes and the bravery in her body language as the character of the mother is a treat to the eyes.
2. Actor Debdutta Raha as ‘Nilanjan Basu’ played the character of a small town boy yet brave.
3. Actor Jeet Shundor as ‘Ahan Mitra’ played the character of a fearful yet intelligent boy, victim of the ragging group.
4. Actress Gulshanara Khatun as ‘Shampa’, Ahan’s mother steals the show. The actress gets very less screen presence than the other characters but she will definitely leave a mark on your heart.
5. Two Background theme songs – first one, ‘Ma To Ami Tor’ by Iman Chakraborty and second one, ‘Mayer Sakti Jage’ by Titas Bhromor Sen is cherry on the top.

Direction : Sayantan Ghosal (4/5)
Story: Rohit Soumya (4/5) Screenplay : Rohit Soumya (3.5/4)
Edit: Subhajit Singha (3.5/4) Music: Shibasish Banerjee, Pratik Kundu (4/5)