Farzi brings a fresh platter to your table! We have witnessed an array of crime dramas, but Farzi is a mix of many shots. All kudos to the director Raj & DK, who successfully aspires for this highly cunning con drama in a crisp screenplay. Shahid Kapoor leads on as a blatant rugged conman in this high-drama crime showdown, and Vijay Sethupathi’s mystic groove makes Farzi a wholesome watch on your screens.

The series initiates with an adrenaline rush. Tipping on the heist that Sunny (Shahid Kapoor) is planning to quest, Farzi gives you its first impression of a high-end chase and where it could take you. But with the usual cinematic ecstasy, the director gives a flashback. Sunny turns the voice of God, narrating how he and his friend had been out on the streets trying to sell off the ‘Kranti’ newspaper led by Sunny’s ‘nanu’ (grandpa).

Kranti is a failed newspaper publication run by Sunny’s grandpa. With the fire to bring revolution through ‘Kranti’, as the name signifies, Nanu takes no break from bringing out the best in his publication. But, alas! In the world of ‘commercial consumption’, Kranti takes no rank.

Sunny is an artist who can quickly ‘carbon’ the artwork of famous artists worldwide and sells them to ‘Upper-class’ snobs at a minimal cost. Sunny boasts about his Nanu the entire series and how terrific an artist Nanu is, but not famous. We see a beautiful bond between a grandpa and a grandson here. Not very usual today, but Sunny and Nanu continue to share their equation strongly.

Well, that’s not the only aspect this eight-episode ‘punk’ crime drama sprawls on. We see the ‘Friendship’ that Sunny shares with his only childhood friend. He stays by Sunny’s side the entire time, at his every up and down, and helps him and Nanu out to save their ‘mill’ and ‘Kranti’.

Farzi focuses on the ‘money’ hullabaloo in which the middle class constantly remains. And how in every infrastructure, one ‘Sunny’ wants to break through it. Here we can metaphorize ‘Kranti’. Sunny believes in reaching any extent to earn the ‘high class’ validation and points out how ‘privileges’ only talk in the toxic world. This cunning showdown gives the world a taste of its own medicine.

For the last straw, we give the toast to cinematography, which gives the story its shape from the beginning. The lights, the on and off cuts going present and past, make the experience rampant and intriguing.

Along with Shahid Kapoor, Farzi features an ensemble cast including talented actors Vijay Sethupathi, Raashii Khanna, Kay Kay Menon, Bhuvan Arora, Regina Cassandra, and Amol Palekar in pivotal roles. Produced by D2R Films, the series will stream in India and across 240 countries and territories starting 10th February 2023.


This high-end eight-episode con drama keeps you hooked till the end. A true art of cinematography to take note of. The fun part is the director knows well where to pull and push off the curtain. However, the series fails to score on its BGM. The series infers courtship, wild love, sensuality, and uncertainty; let’s say, all in one package!

IWMBuzz rates it 3.5 stars.