Review of Viu’s new web series Love, Lust and Confusion 2

Review of Viu’s Love Lust and Confusion 2 – a breezy tale 1

Viu web series, Love Lust and Confusion 2, truly represents today’s youth, who while experimenting unapologetically, do wish to mellow down a tad as well.

If Season 1 saw budding novelist, Poroma Sarkar (Tara Alisha Berry) jumping beds across sexes in an attempt to find true love, Season 2 begins with her in a live-in relationship with poet, Rahil (Gaurav Chopraa).

Ironically, Rahil gives complete space to Poromo, who in turn expects a certain amount of possessiveness. Things turn more complicated with the arrival of Raahil’s hot ex-wife, PB (Swati Vatsa), making Poro insecure.

It is good to see that creatives have not changed the basic confused state of Poro’s mind; it’s just that she is a bit more mature. So her mistake, of not sticking to her own assertions, continues. Despite being in a relationship with Raahil, she dreams of kissing painter Abir (Shiv Pandit).

Also, in a further attempt to stoke passions, she gets in touch with all her ex-flames to get their perspectives for her upcoming book. One cricketer with whom she had a one-night fling wants to hook up with her again, but she spurns him. Poro is still nursing the guilt of dumping her fiancé Rohan (Ankit Bathla) and hurting her folks, hence keeps getting nightmares.

Poro’s friend Momo (Mohini Shimpy) continues to play a major role in her life. Interestingly, she does not want Poro to get back with her drummer guy, Jonathan Vaz (Rajat Barmecha). All friendships are complicated; and let’s not forget that Poro too had slept with Momo’s guy in Season 1.

The latter is also quite a liberated woman who wants her man to try out all positions in bed. She jokes about her last-dumped guy’s lack of knowledge about the doggy style.

Like we had written in the Season 1 review, we are still waiting for a boss like Yudi (Meiyang Chang), who lets Poro take breaks ,cares about her love life, and yes, does not mind when boyfriends walk into the office, carrying gifts. This, in a nutshell, is the story in roll. No more spoilers here. Go watch it.

So far, six episodes have been uploaded. The first season had 13 in all, so expect more drama when Poro gets involved with Abir. At some point, Rohan and Johnny will return. Poro always has a problem of plenty.

Alisha has got the character to the T. It is good that at least in the upper sections of society, women are no longer coy about what they want and neither are they slut-shamed for the same. Other actresses might have been hesitant to play such a bohemian character, but not Alisha.

Gaurav brings his years of experience to the table by enacting Rahil as someone, who although shows complete peace on the outside, is still exorcising internal demons. He is required to under-play a lot and emote through his eyes. One normally does not see such mature acting in most TV actors who tend to go overboard.

The scene where his constant references to his traveller self and Rumi irked Poro, who asks him to act more normal, was quite well done. He also effectively brings out the guilt of betraying Poroma when he ends up sleeping with PB. Today’s youth will very well identify with giving in to such moments of weakness.

Although the theme is mature just like Season 1, there are major overt love-making scenes and nudity, which seems to be the new net normal.

Shiv Pandit is apt as the painter who wants to woo Poro. The best part is that none of the characters are loud and over the top. You can bump into people like them at your regular office or gallery. The makers have tried to take advantage of the current cricket fever (IPL) by adding cricket league scenes.

Some might question the scene where one of the characters gets stoned after smoking a joint. Agreed it is not cool, but that is how some yuppies let their hair down after a hard day at work. Maybe, passing reference to the down side of doing dope might have helped?

The feel-good narrative is further made comfortable with the addition of a couple of songs.

Having said that, the makers  Nehaa Anand and Victor Mukherjee (Mango People Media) have done a good job in the treatment of story line. However, such a permissive lifestyle by women is not yet acceptable by general society (yes, you may scream double standards). So there will be a blow-back, as no one is an island, even if you are ensconced in the tony side of town.

Director Victor Mukherjee has done a wonderful job handling the complexity of the characters.

Also, it is our personal belief that as long as you are (gender neutral) single, you can play the field as much as you want; but infidelity is as sure deal-breaker. You have no right to break someone else’s heart. Also, would bed-hoppers take it kindly if the shoe was on the other foot? Food for thought.

We, at IWMBuzz, rate Love Lust and Confusion 3.5/5.

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