Ankit Siwach and Vinita Joshi will be seen in a beautiful tale...

Art Director Sumit Mishra’s short film ‘Khidki’ to feature Vinita Joshi and Ankit Siwach

Eminent Art Director of the industry, Sumit Mishra who has earlier directed the short film ‘Amrita and I’ is working on yet another short film now!!

Titled ‘Khidki’, the short will star noted actress Vinita Joshi and Rishton Ka Chakravuyh fame Ankit Siwach in lead roles!!

Khidki will be the tale of a poor, not-good-looking girl who will dare to look out of her window and hallucinate and imagine being in a dream land full of happiness, beauty and love. In her dream, the girl encounters a handsome young man who is a flutist with magical musical powers. The girl will have a cute love story with her man, but will be disappointed when her dream will break and she will get back to the not-so-beautiful reality.

The short will depict the theory of ‘law of attraction’ and will talk about positive thoughts attracting positivity in life. Just like her dream, the girl will have a suitor knocking at her door, and she will be pleasantly shocked to see the man of her dreams right before her in reality too.

Khidki has been written and directed by Sumit Mishra. Along with Ankit and Vinita, actors Rina Rani and Nazar Khan will be part of it.

When contacted, Director and Writer Sumit Mishra told us, “Yes, the story is a very simple one, of a dark-complexioned girl who dares to dream of a life full of beauty and love.”

When contacted, Vinita told us, “This was so different for me. It was like a breather and was creatively satisfying. The subject of the film was so very beautiful and I could relate to it so well.”

When contacted, Ankit Siwach told us, “It was an amazing role and the short film has a beautiful tale to tell.”

The shoot of the short film is over, and it will now do the rounds at various festivals.

The beauty of the short is the amazingly different backgrounds that Sumit Mishra, being the Art Director and Painter has created. His world of realism has the shades of reality while his dream land is magnificently beautiful.

Watch this space for more updates.

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