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Chhavi Mittal talks about her new webseries...

Chhavi Mittal on her new web-series ‘The Better Half’

Multitalented Chhavi Mittal, who is the founder of the YouTube channel, Shitty Ideas Trending (SIT) along with husband Mohit Hussein is back with a new web series called ‘The Better Half’.

The series is about a married couple wherein the husband tries to find solution to each and every problem, but fails miserably. It is usually the go-through of their day to day life. The story is very relatable and funny.

When we asked Chhavi about the web-series, she said, “SIT is popular for married couple content; so our stories revolve around husbands and wives. We are reinventing and bring something new to the table for our audience. Directly it is not inspired from anything but indirectly I can say it is inspired by each and every couple. As we have seen whatever may be the age or situation, the final word is always of the wife.”

The Better Half stars Chhavi Mittal herself along with Sukant Goel, who was seen in the film Kapoor & Sons.

Way to go, Chhavi!!

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