TikTok blocks Faisu’s account

Faisu’s TikTok account BLOCKED

Trouble seems to be brewing more for TikTok star Faisu. Earlier we informed the audience that Shiv Sena activist Ramesh Solanki has registered a complaint against five Tiktok users in relation to the alleged lynching of Tabrez in their latest video.

The video was uploaded on the social media app Tiktok by Faisu, Hasnain, Faiz and Sadhan (Saddu). In two videos the whole gang that goes with the name ‘Team 07’ is seen enacting a message that says, “Innocent Tabrez was killed, but if Tabrez’s son grows up and takes revenge then Muslims shouldn’t be termed as terrorists.”

The complaint has been filed against Faisal Shaikh, Hasnain Khan, Adnan Shaikh, Faiz Baloch, and Sadhan Farouqi. The complainant has mentioned that the video uploaded is divisive, inflammatory and incitement to violence. These are the biggest Tiktok celebrities in the country, where Faisal who goes with the name Mr. Faisu has a following over 24 million.

The video soon was posted on other social media including Twitter where the uploaders were criticized for creating hatred and animosity. There were many on Twitter who asked Police to take action.

Later, Faisu and gang apologized for their act and went on to apologise for the act.

However, as per the latest update, Faisu’s TikTok account has gone off the app.

Sources suggest that his account has been suspended or blocked owing to his action.

We sent a message to Faisu but he chose not to comment till the time of filing the article.

A media article reported: On its part, TikTok has removed the video after the complaint and has said that the content “violates its Community Guidelines”.  The three users of Team 07, Hasnain Khan, Faisal Shaikh and Sadhan Faroqui have been suspended by TikTok.

We will soon update the space with more information.

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